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East End Real Estate

The East End, located between 11th St East and the State Park developed very differently from the St. George Island Gulf Beaches.

In the mid 70’s the owner’s/developers (Leisure Properties) began selling off 5 acre Tracts on the Beach Side of Gulf Beach Drive and approximately 7-10 acre Tracts on the Bay Side. These Tracts were typically bought, and further subdivided into one-acre lots.

On the Beach side of Gulf Beach Dr. (also known as State Road 300) the roughly 300 foot by 750 foot, 5 acre parcels were typically subdivided into three 100 foot by 435 foot one acre Beach Front parcels with two “First Tier” lots behind the Beachfront lots. These first tier lots have the unique distinction of being on the Gulf Side of the road, so you can get to the beach without crossing a road.