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Whether you are selling the first home you have owned or the 50th, each transaction is serious, and it is always about a serious amount of money. It may also be about emotions, dire need, or simply the time to harvest a great investment. The unique demands of today's Real Estate market require a REALTOR with experience, education, empathy, and dedication. Your Selection of a REALTOR with the knowledge and ability to reach the diversely geographically situated Buyers, provides you, the St. George Island Seller, with your only competitive advantage.

The challenge of finding new buyers for St. George Island requires a different set of skills and knowledge than those taught in most of the rest of the Real Estate Markets around the Country, selling primary homes to folks who live right in the same area. We sell a few primary homes on St. George Island, but most of our Buyers come from the far-flung corners of the world, and are buying second homes, rental homes for investment, and vacant lots for future building. Our Buyer's typically travel long distances to look at your house or lot, and they are typically spending good money to stay in a nice rental home, while juggling the family vacation schedule, just to find an hour to see a few houses. There are many obstacles to getting the Buyer's attention, helping the Buyer understand the market, and keeping them focused on their goal of buying their dream home on St. George Island. Obviously, you need an experienced, successful REALTOR who knows St. George Island, employs leading edge technology, and utilizes a large percentage of the listing agencies income to advertise your home or building site. When you list with St. George Island Realty, LLC, you are employing John Shelby's experience and knowledge of the special marketing needs required to sell your St. George Island property within your time constraints.

St. George Island Realty, LLC employs a combination of new State-of-the-art technology with tried and true traditional marketing techniques. Color and Black and White brochures, multi lens digital photography, MLS listings with pictures, open houses, quick scheduling on REALTORS Tour of Homes, newspaper and magazine ads, an up-to-date, modern website, and immediate direct contact by phone and mail to John Shelby's huge data base of Buyers, aggressively presents your property to the world within 24 hours of your listing it with St. George Island Realty, LLC.

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