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As a REALTOR on St. George Island, I hear someone say "FIND ME A DEAL!" at least once a day. The concept of "deal" differs from person to person. Most people's concept of a "deal" falls within four categories:

  • Vacant Lot for long term investment
  • Income Producing Vacation Rental Houses
  • Lowest price per square foot for a house
  • Reasonably priced Quality Homes for primary or second home

In each of these four categories, you could analyze to discover the best deal in each segment of each neighborhood.

For instance:

The Lowest priced Vacant Lot in the Gulf Beaches in the following "tiers":

  • Beachfront
  • 1st tier (across the street from the Beach)
  • Gulf view (this one could actually be broken down into 3rd - 5th tiers)
  • Interior
  • Bay View
  • Canal Front
  • Bay Front

But the lowest price doesn't actually make it the best lot for you. One can easily see that answering the question "Where's the Best Buy?" requires feedback from the person asking the question. Further, it may also indicate that the person asking the question needs to better understand the St. George Island Real Estate market before they can appreciate the answer. It tells me, the REALTOR, that I haven't finished my educational job of helping you understand the market. The mission of this web site is to help potential Buyers better understand the SGI Real Estate Market, and encourage them to learn to ferret out their own personal best deal, the one that truly meets their needs and dreams.

Ultimately, each Buyer must come to St. George Island, immerse themselves in the Island, and spend a good deal of time exploring the possibilities so that you the Buyer can tell me the REALTOR what you really want. Which brings us back to the point I'm trying to make: Best Buys are a very personal thing, and I can't begin to know what your hearts desire is until we begin looking at houses and lots together. I play the role of guide and educator to initiate a process that helps me help you unlock your Island Dream Home. What's important is that you find what is right for you.

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